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The Prop Cleaner

Removes Plastic, Wire, Fabrics, Rope and most other rubbish and Debris from props and rudders.
(UK Patent registration number 3016459)

Just think:

- No more dirty cut hands
- No more lying on a wet deck
- No more rust stains on your best shirt
- No more dropping tools in the water because you can't feel your hands


Stainless Steel Prop Cleaner

Being a professional helmsman, I have had most obstacles round my prop and although the prop cleaner will be an asset, I can't guarantee it will remove the more traditional items such as Bedsteads, Fridges or the odd abandoned car, but I can tell you since I've had my prop cleaner my hands have never been down the weed hatch. It's like a car jack, you hope you will never have to use it, but when you need it... never be without it.

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